Tuesday, June 21, 2011

King soopers deals

I actually made a trip to KS this week. I needed a bunch of stuff that wasn't on sale, but I think I still got good deals. Jay found his favorite food= yogurt.
4 boxes of huggies wipes= 1.49 after $5 off 5 promotion. used 3 .50mc which doubled, and a .75mc which doubled up to $1.00 = .49 for each box
Eggo waffles I needed one more thing to get this promotion, and these were a decent price.= 2.99 after promo
Seattle's best coffee 4.49, used $2mc= 2.49 (cheaper than Starbucks.)
Driscol raspberries 1.25, used .50mc which doubled = .25
All detergent 2.99, $1mc =1.99
Boulder chips 1.25, $1/1mc =.25
Voskos greek yogurt $1 each, used 2 .50 mc which doubled = free
Viola frozen meal $3.28 sale, used $1mc (from home mailer)= 2.28
Sargento cheese $3.04, used $1mc from home mailer= 2.04
M&M's (I needed these, they weren't actually that cheap)2.79 each, used $1.50 off 2 = 2.04 each
Luna bar 1.19, used .50mc = .19
Tick Tacs 1.04, used .75mc =.04
Enfamil Toddler formula. I wasn't even going to try this stuff but we got some free in the mail, and I had a $12.00 coupon that the store read as check, and I also used a 5.00mc so it was only $3 for the can.
Bayer aspirin 2.99, used $2mc and will submit for rebate = free

I found most of my deals at Bargain Blessings (see blogroll along the side)

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Lori said...

Are you kidding me? M & M's were 4.39 and I really wanted them too. I didn't buy them at Hy-Vee but then I went to CVS and bought them at 2/$6 and then bought $4 more in candy to get $3 bucks back. For someone who is bad at getting deals, $2.04 is awesome. I really admire your skill.