Saturday, May 21, 2011

A few King Soopers Deals

I made it to King Soopers and used $35 worth of coupons. Some of it was frozen food that I had already put in the freezer before I took this picture.
Pampers Kandoo wipes $1.00, used 2- 1.00mc, and a KS $1.50 coupon = .50 overage
Boulder chips $1.49, found a 1.00 coupon I forgot to spend 2 wks ago =.50
Eggs $1.00, Free with KS coupon= free
Wisk $3.99, used 2- 2.00 mc =1.99 each
Similac 5.64, used 5.00mc =.64
Cool whip .89 (and I have more in the freezer)
Pillsbury biscuits 1.00each, used 2- .30/2 which doubled, received $2 Catalina for buying 4 =.20 each (we had pop-n-fresh BBQ tonight and it was delicious)
Strawberries 2.00 each, used 2- .55mc (which doubled)from driscoll facebook link =1.00 each
Yopliat .44 each, used .50/8 = .31 each
Voskos Greek yogurt $1.25, used 2- 1.00mc =.25 each
Mountain High yogurt .69, used 2- .50/2 = .19 each
Think Thin bars 1.00, used 2- 1.00mc = free
Butterfinger .50 each, used .50/2mc = all for free

Today I got my deals from Denver Bargains in the King Soopers and Safeway categories. I didn't like that every time you copy and paste something from their site to make your grocery list it gives you this long warning about using their content (which I had to delete from my grocery list each time).

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Anonymous said...

Way to Go! Getting those deals
again! MOM