Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wags, KS, Target and free stuff

Reeces and Almond Joy Candy bags $2/5, Used 4 $1MC, received $5 RR for buying $10 worth= .25 a bag
Kotex pads $3.49, used $1, received $2.49 RR =free (I also received 2 Catalina's for free Always pads)
Ecotrin $2, used $2, received $2 RR= $2overage
Filler items: .37 photo key chains
20 ft. extension cord $1.99
Comb .50
(I did 4 different transactions to try to roll as many RR as possible)

King Soopers
I am stocking up on essentials (nesting) and preparing to make some freezer meals tomorrow so I didn't get the best deals, but they are still good. All 2.99, used $1mc or $2mc =.99 or 1.99
Mission Tortillas $2.00, used one .55 KS coupon =$1.45 or $2.00
Frozen veggies $1.25 each, .60 ks coupon = 1.05 each
Kroger cheese $1.50 each, used 3 .75/2 ks coupons = 1.13 each
Zone Perfect and Luna (I usually get these for free, but I decided to pay .25 each for them so I can have some hospital snacks for John)
Quilted Northern 5.99, used $1.25 ks coupon =$4.74

Bounty 9.99 Buy 2, get a $5 gift card, used 2 $1 MC, 1 .75 Target coupon = ^6.12 per pack
Armor All $6.99 wheel shine, $4.49 multi-purpose cleaner, used $3/2 Target coupon, $2 MC, and will submit for $6.99 rebate =free
Eggo Waffles $1.75, used $1 Target coupon =.75 per box
Strawberries $1, Blueberries $1.50 Juicy Juice $2.24 (so I can drink something before the c-section)

Free Stuff
The nice checkout lady at Walgreens gave me a sample of Kotex in a cute little bag with another coupon= more free products.
I happened to check out one of hip2save's too good to be true deals a few min. after she posted it...and it was worth it!! I got this knife FREE at Lowes ($8.99 value). The offer has since expired.
Similac- free in the mailbox today. It came with 4- $5 coupons.

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Anonymous said...

Good deals again.
You're getting a few in before the baby.