Saturday, September 12, 2009

Too busy to shop

I haven't posted here lately because school and VB has kept me too busy to shop for the most part.
I was excited this week because I got this in the mail:

I have always wanted to be a randomly selected home by Neilson to do a survey about our TV's, computers, and viewing habits. The best part was that they included $2 right in the package. WOO HOO.
I also found a place where I can sign up to do other kinds of surveying for them to get prizes. We'll see if that works out.

I went to Walgreens this week to use up some RR that were about to expire. All I bought was Starbucks Ice cream and Cran-Grape juice. Boring:)
I got tons of great deals at King Soopers (Mentos Gum, Organic Yogurt, Healthy Choice Steamers). I also bought meat, cheese, eggs, bread, milk and lots of produce and still stayed within the $40 limit. SWEET. No time to take pictures and brag:(

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